Re: A Unique Tibetan Democracy

posted Dec 7, 2010, 5:48 PM by The Tibetan Political Review   [ updated Dec 14, 2010, 5:53 AM ]

Dear Editors,

This has reference to the letter titled “A Unique Tibetan Democracy” by Tsewong Chonzom Chazotsang from Canada. I absolutely agree with her and hence, there is a need of great sense of urgency now on the part of every concerned Tibetans to carry this message to the monastic institutions, particularly in Tibetan Southern settlements. There is no doubt, that monastic institutions have played a major role in Lobsang Sangay’s huge margin in preliminary voting results. We must applaud Lobsang Sangay la for his campaign effort and in fact, he is the only candidate that has campaigned intensively in all the Tibetan settlements and in all those monastic institutions long before preliminary vote and he is the only candidate that seems to have no campaign financial constraint.

Now the time has come for the other leading candidate to visit these monastic institutions and settlements and bring forward their policies, plans and explain their many years of service experience with achievements to our exile community and how they will carry our movement going forward. Our reverend monks and nuns should not be deprived of any information about other leading candidate and it is the duty of all concerned Tibetans including leading candidate themselves to make our voters well informed, so that they can make a well informed decision. We the Tibetans should be proud of ourselves as we never have to fight for our democracy and we are truly blessed as it was given to us by His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Now it is our moral responsibility and duty to carry this movement forward with true allegiance to the cause of entire six-million Tibetan people. We must elect that leader who will truly serve the best interest of Tibet. We must discourage any element of regional and sectarian allegiance if there is any. It should never come into one’s decision while electing our leader. I hope I am wrong here. But if it is then it is a very sad day for our cause and instead of making progress we are moving backwards. If there is any allegiance, then it should be allegiance to His Holiness and it should be allegiance to the cause of well being of six million Tibetan people. Apart from that, any allegiance is the greatest obstacle for our democracy and for our political movement. But I have faith and trust and above all, I have confidence in our monks and nuns in those big monastic institutions has all the wisdom of good judgment and will ultimately find the truth about our other leading candidate and as a well informed Tibetan will vote for the right candidate in final election. We as a voter must investigate deeper about our candidate’s true credential and one should not simply vote just because you heard someone talking impressive talk that one would like to hear. As a voter, we all need to do a little bit of research on candidates past experience and their contribution to our exile government and our community. What a candidate has done so far in the past is the best way to judge about their future leadership. So, please be well informed and vote with great responsibility.

Sonam Topden
Toronto, Canada