Re: Are We Electing the Right Man?

posted Feb 16, 2011, 6:13 AM by The Tibetan Political Review
Dear Editors,

It seems that the most recent article that you have published "Are We Electing the Right Man?" disobeys one of your rules. [Original article here.]  According to your own website, TPR does not permit unfounded attacks. If that is the case, then why did you guys publish this particular piece? The author keeps rambling about "facts" about Dr. Lobsang Sangay yet he fails, in almost every single point of his, to provide any sources. Actually forget sources, he doesn't even come up any general references. He undermines LS's accomplished goals, work ethic, and to be more specific, his docotoral thesis on the TGIE. How can you criticize a written essay if you've yet to even read it? and how can you claim that people who have read think its mediocore without telling us who those individuals are. Him ommitting all of this just proves that it could all be a I not right? The author also claims that LS did not work hard at all to get the Fullbright Scholarship but fails to provide any details on how he has come up with this assumption. Even when he does provide details like the whole 9th on the waiting list, he does not use any sources to back up the claim.  Then towards the bottom of the page, it looks like he is trying to blame LS for trying to be the 15th Dalai Lama. although he does not directly make that claim, it's obvious that he is trying to get at that. are you serious? He also claims that he has no personal animosity towards LS but then he ends his article with this statement: "I therefore conclude: any one, ANY ONE at all, but not LS". I hope he means either TW or TNT when he says anyone. If he doesn't mean that..I don't know see how we can't view this article as an expression of hatred and jealousy? Some of his points are valid but most of them are "unfounded" attacks. This piece is ultimately a gossip-based article. It belongs in a Phayul message board....not on a professional online journal like TPR. Even opinions need to be equipped.

Olo Bayul
Boston, Massachusetts

Editors' Response:  Thank you for your concern, but we are comfortable that the article in question meets our established guidelines for publication.  As regular readers of TPR will know, this journal takes an inclusive approach to publication.  For example, we have published an article accusing some of being "elitist relics" that arguably contained less substantiation than the current article.