Re: "A Call for Campaign Finance Transparency"

posted Nov 30, 2010, 6:02 AM by The Tibetan Political Review

Dear Editors,

I have read with great interest your current editorial, " A call for Campaign Finance Transparency" and would like to thank you for bringing this extremely important matter to the attention of all concerned and the public.  This is an apt and timely' Call' on a serious issue that  can have a great deal of  societal and political ramification for Tibetans in the future..

I fully share your concern and agree with your suggestion that the Election Commission, should in consultation with the standing committee of Assembly of  Tibetan People's Deputies immediately issue necessary directives/guidelines concerning campaighn finance.  Besides making the campaign funds accountable and transparent,  I believe the EC directives should stipulate clearly, the scope of  campaign fund raising.  Unless this issue is addressed, there is difinately a high stake involved and will potentially, become a cause for unending speculations, gossip or even abuse of power. I personally believe that the role of money in our election process should be discouraged to the minimum. This is a dangerous area.

It is therefore, critically important that the concerned offices take urgent steps and help avert possible negative fall out of the role of money in our politics.  Ideally, I would like to see a budgetary provision, whereby the official kalon Tripa candidates have an access to a reasonable  amount of public funding so that they can carry out an effective campaign within our communities in India, Nepal and Bhutan.  Effective and constructive campaigns to educate our electorates with the candidates past history, and future plans and policies, is highly desirable, as it will contribute towards strengthening our infant democracy.  When the campaign funds are earmarked and provided for,  there is no reason for the candidates to raise more funds.  However, even if fund raising is permitted,  the donors/contributors should be limited to and from Tibetan Public only.  This will close the door for foreign contributions and donations for Tibetan elections and reduce the risk of possible political maneuvering in the future.

Let's not forget the infamous saying, " Gya drin-chen pha-ma rey, Ngyun dha-yang char-pa bap bap rey" which roughly translated as, " The Chinese (communist) are grateful like parents; Silver coins are pouring down like rains".


Lastly, I do once again hope that  EC and ATPD take note of your  editorial seriously.

Thanks again for your thoughtful Call.


Ngodup Tsering