Question on Lobsang Sangay's Travel to China / Response by Lobsang Sangay

posted Sep 16, 2010, 10:43 AM by The Tibetan Political Review   [ updated Sep 16, 2010, 11:31 AM ]
Dear Editors,
I must admit that I have a bias here. I will not vote for Losang Sangye (FYI, its not Singhe as lion, but as Sangye as Buddha) for some very troubling reason which i will cover later. For my own sake, I have narrow my candidacy to two category of people: 
1. Experienced/educated/dedicated: Lobsang Jinpa, Tashi Namgyal, Tenzin Namgyal, and other Top Tibetan civil servant.
2. Young/educated/dedicated: Here by dedication, I meant sacrificing your time for our cause, being in the community and willingness to start from community Organiser, to lagislative to executive head like that of Obama. Here I would like to place Gyari Dolma, Lhadon Tethong, Penpa Tsering(???), and Karma Yeshi.

I do not want to vote Lobsang Sangye for not only this election but for any future election if he do not answer this question. I have just returned from Tibet after touring Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai, and Beijing. In Tibet too, people talks about Exile politics. Amidst our conversation, one of my friend, a very educated guy confides me that he doubts Lobsang Sangye's motivation. He told me that he was in China few years ago. He met with Chinese scholars and also some lower ranking Chinese leaders. That was a surprise for me. Tibetan Youth Congress member and served in its headquarters, vouching for complete independence suddenly found in Beijing mingling with scholars and leaders, what would you think?  I try to research this myself, but very few knew about this.  Those few were not sure either.  But, I believe my friend in Tibet.

Therefore, before I speculate anything further,  I would like to ask Lobsang Sangye to authenticate this news. If true, inform us what were you doing there? what made you think going there would benefit Tibetan cause?

Please respond through this websites so that everybody get to see your story and also just to make sure it does not become personal.

Waiting anxiously for your response. Thank you TPR for providing us this platform and opportunity to share my thoughts.


Kalsang Audotsang
New York, NY
September 11, 2010

[Editors' note: the editors have not independently verified the writer's travel to Tibet.]

Dear Editors,

I am glad to respond to the query about my visit to few academic institutions in Beijing in 2005. Prior and after the visit, I informed the Private Office, the Kashag and some senior officials of the TGiE.

The purpose of the visit was twofold: 1) to continue to have dialogue with Chinese scholars and explore possibilities to replicate Harvard conference on Tibet in Beijing. 2) Visit Tibet. Both didn't work out. The travel expenses of the visit was covered by Harvard University.

Few days after arrival in Beijing, I learned that the trip to Tibet was not approved and was urged to meet an official who told me that the visit to Lhasa could not be arranged, perhaps next time. I was not allowed to visit Tibet then and not till now.

I shared this experience in some public forums and mentioned Peking University as among the academic institutes I have visited in my bio (

I don't know the authenticity of the questioner but welcome such queries, as in any democratic election, it is important to know ones candidates.

Tashi Delek

Lobsang Sangay
September 16, 2010