Provide Details of the Kalon Tripa Election Results

posted Apr 18, 2011, 6:59 PM by The Tibetan Political Review

By Sonam Topden
As we all are aware of the fact that Kalon Tripa election result will be declared on April 27 and as a follow up to our election results, I would like to request Tibetan Election Commission of CTA to provide us detail info about Kalon Tripa voting result through TPR. We are not only interested which candidate won and by how many votes but how each of the Kalon Tripa candidates actually did in each polling stations across the globe throughout Tibetan community in exile.

It is truly sad that 20,000 Tibetans in Nepal mainly from Kathmandu were denied the right to vote, and our Tibetan Election Commission of CTA failed to implement any alternative viable means to resolve this issue and the same thing goes to more than 1500 Tibetans living in Bhutan as well.  It affects the very legitimacy of our new Kashag and Chitues when more than 20,000 Tibetans in-exile are not included in this recently held election. It is too painful to think that even in this 21st century of freedom and democratic society, Tibetans living in-exile community like Nepal and Bhutan are still deprived of basic freedom of voting to choose one’s own leader. This is serious violation of fundamental human rights and also lack of plan and strategy on the part of Tibetan Election Commission of CTA.

We knew elections will come and we also had our problems during pre-elections. We had enough time to re-act and come out with a new plan before the final voting. But we failed and that’s a very sad thing for our democracy.This data of voting results should not be any secret because our public who enthusiastically voted during the election has the right to know and it is a vital source of information in terms of education and awareness of our democracy and political process. If we are to have a vibrant democracy, then such information should be made available to our public. This information is also very relevant for our next general election in 2016, where our future Kalon Tripa candidates can make strategies and plan and campaign according to voters demand and desire.

Now that we all have seen and experienced what kind of voters we have in exile community and I strongly urge future Kalon Tripa candidates to learn from this experience and speak, talk and talk, what our voters want to hear. Some of our TPR readers have requested Tibetan Election Commission to provide detail voting results from our Preliminary elections, so that we can judge how our candidate performed in various polling stations across Tibetan community. But unfortunately Tibetan Election Commission never responded to our request.

I would therefore, like to request our TPR editors to kindly request on our behalf to TEC to respond positively this time. I am not asking any in-depth analysis with charts and graphs with comments but simply the factual numbers of voting results. For example how many votes each Katri candidate got in Dharamsala, Bir, Delhi, Mundgod, Bylkop, Kador-Gang-Sum, Miao, Ladakh, New York, Boston, Minnesotta, Sanfrancisco, Toronto, Swiss etc. I hope and humbly request our Tibetan Election Commission of CTA will be more transparent, accountable and more co-operative this time and kindly provide us this important and valuable information.

Sonam Topden

Toronto, Canada