Post Kalon Tripa election

posted Feb 23, 2011, 6:20 AM by The Tibetan Political Review
Dear Editors,

Without much luck I have been trying to find out some more details on the timeline post Kalon Tripa election – inauguration, transfer of power and the selection of Cabinet Ministers.  In addition, I was wondering if there will be a specific TGIE Committee that will be involved in the above mentioned items and logistical issues such as where will our next Kalon Tripa live (safety and security) and whether he will have his own Private Office or spokesperson.

I have raised my questions to influential members of our community that I am in touch with but was wondering if you or others have any more details?  My urgency in trying to answer the above items rose in particular after reading an article on Phayul (January 6, 2010) that the Tibetan Parliament had submitted to His Holiness a memorandum urging him "not to retire - either semi or fully - from the Tibetan leadership role."  It appears there are still influential members of our community that are trying to live in the past rather than capture the unique historic opportunities for a future modern Tibet laid by His Holiness.

It is critical prior to the selection of our Kalon Tripa we pledge and work to provide the next Kalon Tripa with the resources to succeed and have logistics in place.  The job of the Kalon Tripa is drive us towards a future free and modern Tibet, not spend all his time making the road too.  I am afraid if we do not plan ahead once the Kalon Tripa is elected we could face logistical chaos that could hurt this incredible momentum of public participation and excitement.

Thank you,

Tsewang Namgyal
New York