My Experiences on Katri Election

posted Oct 20, 2010, 5:37 PM by The Tibetan Political Review

Dear Editors,

I am a HAPPY and a very PROUD supporter of Lobsang sangay la.

In the beginning, I am just one of his supporters for the obvious reason that I find all the qualities of a good leader in him that I do not find in other candidates. In addition to this academic qualification as an added bonus, he possesses the vision that is built on honesty and integrity. I also find him humble, smart, and charismatic. And he could connect with majority of the Tibetan very well.

After evaluating all the articles, op-ed and letters on various websites written by your editorial board, anonymous, most recently by Jamyang Norbu and Jamyang Dorjee, I came to the conclusion that the choice I have made in the beginning was a wise choice. I then became a HAPPY supporter of Lobsang Sangay la.

I also came across the articles, responses and letters by Rinchen Topgyal and Sonam Nyatsatsang. Their humble and honest approach has made me a PROUD supporter of Lobsang Sangay la. I want to thank them for their efforts in providing necessary information for the voters so that someone like me is now in a much better position.

Tashi Delek.

Tsering Dolma
Mississauga, Canada