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Below is a letter regarding Lobsang Sangay la, followed by a reply from the candidate:

November 21, 2010
Dear Editors,

I would greatly appreciate if Dr. Lobsang Sangay la could response to this letter through TPR.

1. We know he has been to China twice and he claims his document is IC to prove his loyalty to TGiE. How did he get Chinese visa on IC?

2. There is lot of discussion regarding his Tibetan Green Book contribution. We know it is paid to up-to-date but there is a claim that he has paid in lump sum to fulfill his Kalon Tripa ambition. What is his response to these allegations. I would be happy if he could clarify these allegations through TPR. Every voter has the right to know their candidate's integrity record. I hope this is not a problem for him.

Thank you,
Sonam Topden
Toronto, Canada


November 27, 2010
Dear Editors,

The issue raised concerns my Identity Certificate and Green Book. It is best I share copies of my IC and a letter from the Office of Tibet stating that I paid my dues on time and regularly. As for the only trip to China in 2005, I already explained to TPR and none less than Kalon Tripa Samdhong Rinpoche authenticated my version during his recent public talk to Tibetans in Minnesotta that I consulted the Kashag before and after the trip. I request TPR to provide the video and transcription of Samdhong Rinpoche's supporting comment on the issue.

Tashi Delek
Lobsang Sangay


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Ref. No.  SO(1)DOE/2005-06/610  

17 June 2005 

Dear Lobsang Sangay, JD/PhD Law: 

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your letter (dated 15 April 2005) addressed to the Chairman of High Level Scholarship Committee (HLSC) of CTA. I have briefed the committee about the contents of your letter during its 75th meeting, and hereby present the committee’s and the Kashag’s suggestions and advice. 

[“]Given the commendable service extended towards facilitating a peaceful Sino-Tibetan negotiation, following the successful completion of your studies in International Law, it is deemed beneficial if you stayed in the US and continued with your works instead of returning to India for a time. To ensure that your stay does not amount to violation of the HLSC rules and regulations, which require recipient of overseas scholarship to return to India after completion of their studies and serve the community, your services extended there [in the US] shall be counted in lieu and fulfillment of the stipulated years of service. [”] 

Moreover, in view of this decision, it is highly advisable that you sustain your effort towards facilitation of a peaceful Sino-Tibetan dialogue and the Track II Sino-Tibetan Diplomacy in the US. 


Yuthok Karma Gelek


High Level Scholarship Committee 

Cc:  1.  Kashag Secretariat

      2.  Department of Education, CTA 


Department of Education, Gangchen Kyishong, Dharamsala 176215, H.P., INDIA

Tel:  91-1892-222572, 222721, Fax: 223481, E-mail:, Website: 

[Note: This is an English Translation of HLSC letter addressed to Dr. Lobsang Sangay, originally written in Tibetan. In case of ambiguity, or for sake of clarity, kindly refer to the Tibetan version.] 

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