Letter From: Student Supporter of Dr.Lobsang Sangay

posted Dec 29, 2010, 10:22 AM by The Tibetan Political Review   [ updated Jan 2, 2011, 9:48 AM ]
Dear Editors,

The reason why, we support Dr. Lobsang Sangay because we think he is capable one who is willing to take up the risk to change the systems that are not working well and willing to carry on the good jobs that Rinpoche already placed. Firstly he is young, energetic, capable and very enthusiastic on serving the government and somehow I think there will be some changes in a better way so we just would like to see how things will be place to by someone who is so much willing to take the challenge and be the one who want to have some better changes to occur in the Tibetan society. However, that was more or less the wishes and hope of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and people of Tibet to have better systems and stability in our exile government and a good political leader, who are young educated and honest, capable and good speaker. For that we think that he is one of the best candidates who is so much energetic and diplomatic and one of the greatest speaker or should we say great advocator. One of the most important leadership qualities that a leader need to possessed are; well versed, good speaker, determination, understanding in every angle to all the people. As far as we came to know, Lobsang la is well versed in knowledge of International policy and as knows what is need to be known in our society and still learning on the way, and he is one of the best speaker that we ever came to know and yes, he is determinate to serve our exile government with great conviction. We don’t think that we have to scribble down lots of things in merits and demerits of his better side, as among the whole candidates we think he is one of the best and most willing to take up the responsibilities so we think, we should give him a chance and more over we can be the spectator of his performing the role of our political leader. We think it’s not only us who support to Dr. Lobsang Sangay la, but whole sect of people support him and much willing to see how he carry on his promises that he would be doing and willing to carry on at the moment he get on the post. So we all wait for him to be there as our most appropriate future political leader. With believes and hopes from all 22,489 Tibetan people who supported him in the preliminary election awaits for his diplomatic talks would turn into actions soon with better and more stable running of our exile government. 

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Support from College Students 
Bhoe Gyalo

Supporter Members form All form India

Tashi Dorjee (Delhi)

Tsultrim  (Madras)

Tenzin lhamo (Banglore)

Shangshing (Dhasa)

Tenzin Paldon (Delhi)

Samten Dolma (Bangalore)

Ugen (Madras)

Palden Gyal (Dhasa)

Dolker (Delhi)

Tsetan (Dickey Ling Tibetan Settlement)

Sherab Tenzin (Delhi)

Sonam (Sarah Tibetan College,Dharamsala)

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