In response to: "A Democracy with Amputated Pillar"

posted Nov 3, 2012, 12:09 PM by The Tibetan Political Review   [ updated Nov 4, 2012, 8:42 AM ]

By Namgyal Ghatsong, Byalakuppe, India

In response to: "A Democracy with Amputated Pillar" — by Palden Sangpo

It is increasingly significant that we mind our words at this point of time where the situations in Tibet are critical and Tibetans in exile are more united than ever before to take a giant leap forward with our new political leadership with a step nearer to resolve our common cause. It is important to have a holistic view of our political stand and the administrative structures built by our elders who struggled for all these years. The new generations
should now strengthen the existing structures rather than putting forward conflicting thoughts that doesn't fit in our ground realities. We live in exile not in our independent country, our objectives, our strategies, our approaches are different. We the younger generations need badly to study the ground realities to have a full view of the existing political and social systems we have in our exile community. 

Is there a really need for a new local assembly when we have several local representatives, several CTA representatives just at a distance of few kilometres here in Bylakuppe? We already have a sound administrative structures. What is actually needed now is to strengthen the existing administrative structures by participating in it and speak out decently when needed to have a real impact and more significantly, raise awareness among Tibetans, be the messenger to the Tibetans who are not well-informed of the current critical situation in Tibet thus, create gradually a firm unity among Tibetans. The unity is all we need at anytimes now and in future. If we only talk over the principles of modern democracy without knowing the ground realities and without having a fuller knowledge of our freedom struggle and its strategies. The higher risk is that our energies will be wasted just crying over a spilt milk. Lets be smarter and concentrate more on our primary goals. 

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