Elections: Voices and Votes

posted Mar 13, 2011, 5:53 PM by The Tibetan Political Review   [ updated Mar 14, 2011, 2:18 PM ]
Dear Editors,

It's that time of year and our folks are in a frenzy, many articulating their voices regarding the elections which will take place within a few days. As constituents, many are passionately expressing their views in order for our leaders to better prepare, and act toward something more meaningful and productive when dealing with our adversary so that our dream of freedom can ultimately be realized.


Of course, by the very nature of the subject there are different views as to how this can be achieved. Some have stated that our past TGIE officials have not really worked hard enough, or with a degree of acumen in order to propagate our cause. Then there are those who strongly feel that past officials had worked so hard, starting from ground zero when some of them had no choice but to sleep in cowsheds, and work in make-shift offices in some dilapidated ancient bungalows in Dharamsala  in the early '60s. Such is the scenario and the bottom bottom line is one will see things the way ones chooses to see.


There is one thing that is universal across the globe, i.e., how to work collectively for a common cause without getting hampered by petty differences, spawned by one's regionalism and sectarianism, etc. So, I strongly feel that we should extricate ourselves from these petty differences, and work together for our common goal with sagacity and empirical knowledge.


Now talking about empirical knowledge, I'm reminded of Dr, Lobsang Sangay's lack of experience working  in some office management or administrative work, let alone working for the CTA in some capacity. It is his lack of any experience working in the TGIE -- or having represented our people as Chithue -- that I've opted to vote for Kasur Tethong.


Dr. Sangay has made several  boo boos. When his infamous Obama of China statement first resonated in the Tibetan circle, Dr. Sangay initially denied making such a statement. When he was proved wrong, then he said that he wasn't at all serious about it; he was only joking.


Only when a member of TYC blew the whistle regarding his trip to China, did he finally admit that he had also been to Tibet. When he was grilled about his traveling there as an Overseas Chinese National (OCN), he retorted that he did so just like Lhasang Tsering and Jamyang Norbu who, too, had traveled there with the Chine White Paper or as OCN.


To this Jamyang Norbu had replied that he had never traveled to Tibet with the Chinese White Paper or as an OCN. In fact, JN had stated that he did get an invitation from Tibet to visit his native land through our Security Council in 1980, but declined it for the very reason that he must travel there with Chines document stating OCN. A Katri candidate making such erroneous  statements is hurting his chances of holding on to the votes he had accrued in the preliminaries.


Then in May of 2009 during his visit to Los Angeles, Dr. Sangay vehemently stated no kudraks in the katri election. One of my friends there was stunned by his statement which he found bizarre. My friend stated, " I can hardly believe this incongruent statement coming from someone who is Harvard educated in jurisprudence, with special emphasis in the United Nations and human rights, etc., and oblivious to the fact that his statement is against the Charter of United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights; talking about caste or social stratification."


And, in addition to this Dr. Sangay has not answered the 10 questions put forth by the Tibetan Political Review. In light of these revelations Dr. Sangay is too green and inexperienced, particularly, with no work experience in the CTA, etc. His no response to the 10 questions, certainly raises some questions.


However, I must thank Dr. Sangay for making the 2011-Katri Election vibrant and exciting with many of our people getting involved so that their voices could be heard. And, I surely admire his work ethics, diligence and accomplishments; particularly, his feat in the preliminaries.


In retrospect, now that His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama (Kundun) is in the process of devol

ving his responsibilities, it is crucial the next Tibetan Prime Minister (Katri) is someone of rich experience and acumen. Anything less is not acceptable. It now becomes clear that our youths must accrue experience in governance, in order to meet the challenges of ever so volatile global political changes and situations of today; earning a doctorate degree will not cut it.




Thepo Tulku

El Cerrito, California USA