Dr. Lobsang Sangayla - A Ray of Hope For Tibet

posted Mar 26, 2011, 5:44 PM by The Tibetan Political Review
Dear Editors,

Many years from now, when our children and grand-children will be talking about March 20th, 2011, you would want to proudly tell them that you were a part of making that history. That on that day, you had faith and voted for this young man called Dr. Lobsang Sangayla. That on that day, you had hoped for a brighter future after 50 silent mediocre years for Tibet and it's people. That on that day, you believed in something. And because of that faith, hope and belief, today you are here in the backyard of Ngari/Chamdo or Amdo.

That today you can freely ride a horse and go to Lhasa from Chatring on a holy pilgrim, or visit your Ashangla in Nagchuka, or go for a road trip to Tsaidam/Amdo with a stop over at Markham for some Yak sha while enjoying the green pastures in Nangchea. That today, you can freely sing the freedom song atop a hill in Derge and fall with arms wide open on the barley fields in Lithang. That today, you can freely read the poems of the great 5th to your little ones and watch them fall asleep into your free arms. That today, you could put up a picture of HHDL, recite the mantras with liberty and shout out slogans on March 10th, but with slogans of Victory. 

Such day we can only dream of. Such freedom, we can only Hope for. With that Dream to be fulfilled and an undying Hope, I vest my vote on this young and charismatic man, Dr. Lobsang Sangayla. 

I hope you did too. 


Tenzin Ngawang
New York