Do we need to worry about RFA?

posted Dec 17, 2012, 5:06 PM by The Tibetan Political Review

Dear Editors,

The article, Free Radio Free Asia is yet another tirade against Tibetan Administration (CTA) by one of its former members, who is trying to settle scores. Jamyang Norbu la was Director of Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts in late 1970s. As I heard from friends, reliable friends of course, that people of McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala at that time literarily dragged him from his office one day, holding him by his neck, for a show, that they said, humiliated Tibetan tradition and culture. They humiliated and beat him up like a dog. It was a shocking embarrassment and great humiliation for Jamyang la. Even though I just heard about it and not witnessed, but I still regret the deed of those people that time. I think, he was doing a great job as director of TIPA. He gave it it’s present name TIPA, a mission and direction. TIPA started moving forward as Performing Arts Institutes. I think, Jamyang la’s talent, interest and aptitude matched the goal of the Institution. If Jamyang la remained as TIPA director for some more years, TIPA might be doing much better comparatively than it is now. Unfortunately, that did not happen; and he left Tibetan Administration all together after the incident to never come back in any other capacity. Instead, he has been cooking up stories against it that are half true and half false. The article Free Radio Free Asia is one such cooked up story.

On the pretext of supporting Jigmey Ngabo, Jamyang la is outrage for the suspension of a Talk Show hosted by RFA’s Karma Zurkhang in which he was a participant. He misses the opportunity to talk loudly into Tibet against CTA in general and middle way policy in particular. Whenever he writes about CTA and its functions he writes with full of contempt and malice for its officials, which in a way has created a pattern of its own for some younger writers who mimic him in bad mouthing CTA and its members, and even questions His Holiness’s Intellectual Wisdom in middle way policy.

I do not know much about the people involved in Jamyang la’s article except that they are/were responsible members of Tibetan Administration and are doing their best to see the welfare of Tibetans in exile and to create awareness of Tibetan situation in Tibet. One thing that made me to write this piece is his negative view about Samdhong Rinpoche working “covertly” against Tibetan programs of RFA headed by Jigmey Ngabo. That is absolutely false accusation. I cannot imagine a staunch believer in the Just cause of Tibetan struggle, who has profound faith in the intellectual wisdom of His Holiness, be working against RFA, which is disseminating information about the real, day-to- day situation of Tibet and Tibetans all around the world. Jamyang la’s Professor friend, who commented on his article, as a detective thriller and a compelling proof of “Beijing wanting to control CTA to stop RFA Broadcasts of splittist talk into Tibet “ should, in fact, know that this piece is a tactical and an indirect accusation against Middle Way Policy as those people like Samdhong Rinpoche and Gyari Rinpoche are ardent believers in it; and have worked diligently for a negotiated settlement of Tibetan issue with China in accordance with the principle of middle way policy as formulated and enunciated by His Holiness. In every step of the way they tried to fulfill His wishes.

I think, Jigmey Ngabo’s terminations happened in the process of corporate consolidation as Jamyang la knows it too well. Hiring, firing and layoffs are commons practices in corporate America, specially these days with downsizing, consolidating, and merging of companies taking place on frequent basis. Nobody needs to worry about RFA as long as it is a US federal agency taken care of by a federally empowered Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).

Norbu Samphell, Chicago


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