Dicki Chhoyang for North American Chitue!

posted Feb 25, 2011, 1:10 PM by The Tibetan Political Review
Dear Editors,

I am a Tibetan who grew up in Tibet and recently settled in North America.  I have been following the Kalon Tripa and Chitue election campaign with great interest and concern.   Out of the five Chitue candidates, Dicki Chhoyang la appears to be the least well-known by the North American Tibetan community as she spent several years in Tibet and China and currently lives in a very small Tibetan community in Montreal. 
As someone familiar with Dicki Chhoyang la’s community development work in eastern Tibet, I would like to share with the North American Tibetan electorate some of my observations about her so that people have a better sense of who she is.

I have known Dicki la for more than a decade now. For me and my friends who are still back in Tibet, she has been an inspiration. We always see Dicki la as a real model of young Tibetans in exile. Her dedication towards the community development in eastern Tibet left a great impact with a lot of Tibetan inside Tibet. Although the situation was very tough for her to work in Tibet those years, I never heard her complain of the difficulties she was facing. It seemed that she had already prepared for this hard situation. On the contrary, she made a great effort to implement some successful self-reliant community development projects in the region where she worked.

We were very happy to have her working in the region because she was a Tibetan from exile who received high education in the west.  Although Dicki la grew up in a foreign country, her knowledge of Tibetan people and Tibetan language brought many benefits for the rural Tibetans. Also her ability of Chinese language and communication skills with local Chinese officials helped to set foundation to implement those projects. I am certain that Tibetan people who worked with her and know her in Tibet will not forget her sincere dedication and efforts to make those achievements.

Therefore, I think Dicki Chhoyang la is a perfect North American Chitue candidate, who cares and knows needs for Tibetan community both inside and outside Tibet.

Tsering Chodron, New York