A recommendation for the next Kalon Tripa

posted Jan 23, 2011, 6:46 PM by The Tibetan Political Review
Dear Editors,

I recommend that the next Kalon Tripa establish various Councils of Advisors, such as Council on Political Affairs, Council on Business & Job Creation, Council on Education, etc. The Government need not pay the advisors - only cover their costs for travel, food and lodging to meet twice a year in Dharamsala. 

United States Presidents have traditionally created such councils and they have proven to be very valuable because of their experience and expertise. Such Councils of Advisors should not include people currently in our government service but should comprise of Tibetans, as well as other nationalities who have proven record of success in their field. 

For instance, an invitation to and acceptance by Bill or Melinda Gates to join the Council on Education would be a tremendous asset as they are very interested in education and their foundation donates huge sums of money to education. Similarly, an invitation to Warren Buffet to join the Council on Business & Job Creation would be a good idea. These are just some examples, ambitious as they may seem, but people of such high profile need not necessarily be invited.

Tsoltim N. Shakabpa
California, CA