An "Overseas Chinese National" Question

posted Mar 15, 2011, 5:53 PM by The Tibetan Political Review   [ updated Mar 18, 2011, 1:32 PM ]
Dear Editors,

I emailed the following question to Norbu Tsering la in Canada during the Kalon Tripa Debate in Toronto on March-6-11.   Although no name was mentioned with the question, Norbu Tsering la and Namgyal Shastri la unfairly dismissed my question saying that questions can not be asked to an individual candidate. I am really disappointed with the fact that Norbu Tsering la and Namgyal Shastri la stopped a legitimate question from a voter in order to protect Lobsang Sangay la's face.  So my message to Norbu Tsering la and Namgyal Shastri la is that it is one thing to support your own choice of candidate but it is completely another thing to be unfair and protect your own candidate facing consequences of his past mistakes. You guys are supposed to be unbiased as you represent (especially N.Tsering la) the community.  

I asked this question because I wanted to hear opinions and stance from all three candidates. This OCN issue concerns me a lot because we Tibetans are not Chinese Nationalities (Gya Mirig) In a Q/A on Feb 15-11, Lobsang Sangay la said that having travelled an OCN does not make anyone a Chinese Citizen and he compared that with the Tibetan RCs in India which does not make the Tibetans as Indian Citizens. It sounded reasonable if you don't identify the very purpose of the two Identifications. But the key "ISSUE" is the difference between Citizen (Mi-Ser) and Nationality (Mirig). So a Tibetan can be an Indian Citizen but he or she does not have to be Indian Nationality (Gyagar Mirig). For example, we see a few Tibetans come from Tibet with Chinese passport as Chinese Citizen but they do not have to be Chinese Nationalities and none of these Tibetans could ever have signed a document and accepted themselves to be Chinese Nationalities.

But our Kalon Tripa Candidate Lobsang Sangay la signed the document and accepted himself to be an Overseas Chinese Nationality and travelled to China as a Chinese which means LS lost the very ground to talk with the Chinese govt. if he becomes Kalon Tripa because the middle way talks between the TGIE and the Chinese govt. are based on different nationalities.

At the same time, what would Mr. Lobsang Sangay say (supposing him winning the KT race) if the Chinese govt. flashes out the OCN papers signed by him (agreeing as a Chinese Nationality) and says there is no need for further talks as the Tibetan Kalon Tripa elected by the Tibetan people is a Chinese National??? This is a very serious matter for all the 6 million Tibetans.

Again bellow is the question I am talking about.

Jigdol Ngawang
San Francisco, CA 94112


Dear Norbu la,

The first question is from Ngawang Jigdol la. The question is "the basic reason for holding dialogue process is based on different nationality. Therefore we are fighting for genuine autonomy based on different Nationality, race and culture. However, one who is standing for kalon Tripa election and being a scholar who travelled to china with an overseas Chinese national visa. The minute you signed that document, you accepted yourself as a Chinese nationality and lost the very ground for seeking autonomy for Tibetan nationality. Given that fact, if you are elected as kalon Tripa, on what ground can you fight for autonomy?"