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TPR Editors' Response to CTA Press Officer

posted Nov 4, 2014, 4:19 PM by The Tibetan Political Review   [ updated Nov 4, 2014, 4:31 PM ]

By the editorial board of The Tibetan Political Review  

The editorial board of The Tibetan Political Review (TPR) was interested to read an October 31, 2014 statement entitled “Tibetan Political Review and Yellow Journalism” on the official CTA website by the CTA Press Officer.  As a small, all-volunteer review, we appreciate the Press Officer's response to our editorial ("The Cost of Missed Opportunities"), and we have published his statement on our website.

We have determined that our editorial is factually accurate, and we stand by it.  We specifically appreciate the Press Officer’s candidness that the CTA’s passivity on Ilham Tohti came from a fear that action “may jeopardize an ongoing process.”  If we understand the Press Officer correctly, the CTA chose to be silent so as not to jeopardize its Partial Middle Way efforts.

While the Press Officer’s lengthy statement on TPR was posted to Tibet.net, the CTA website never had similar statements on the far more important issues of Hong Kong, Ilham Tohti, Scotland, etc.  Judging by its overall messaging and advocacy (not limited to its website), the CTA is simply not prioritizing these issues.

The Press Officer calls it “damning” that, when we mentioned the two Nobel laureates’ visit to Dharamsala, we did not say they were there at the invitation of the CTA.  This was irrelevant to our argument, which was: the timing of the visit was coincidental and the Cape Town campaign was led by other groups.  The Dharamsala event was planned far in advance. Absent divine foresight, this was simply a happy coincidence.

Additionally, we hope that in the future the Press Officer will avoid inflammatory language such as “appalling”, "damning", and “preposterous” (these words are not even used against the Chinese government).  Such emotional rhetoric is not helpful to a civil and constructive discussion.


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