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Will Tibet be Next?

posted Mar 31, 2011, 5:42 PM by The Tibetan Political Review   [ updated Mar 31, 2011, 5:43 PM ]
By Thondup Tsering
Amherst, Mass., USA

Feb. 2011 - The People of Egypt have prevailed! Its calls for celebrations and I miss Dharamsala!

Will Tibet be next?

What lessons can we take from the people of Egypt?

Here are a few that ring loud and clear to me.

1. That taking cover under the term "realistic" only handicaps human endeavors,growth, accomplishments and DREAMS. Was it "realistic" when all this first began in Egypt? Think of this for second! Was it "realistic" when all this first began to even dream of Mubarak being forced out of his Presidency? Forced out of Presidency after 30 years of crippling emergency laws?

NO! "Oh No. That is unrealistic!" BUT TODAY IT IS REAL! Mubarak is gone and Egypt is on its way to a NEW EGYPT!

RANGZEN MAY BE A DREAM TODAY,BUT CAN BECOME REAL tomorrow, ONLY IF, ONLY IF we Tibetans not abandon that DREAM but stay focused,committed,disciplined and united. Only then Ragnzen will have a chance and the nation of Tibet will be back on the world map again!

2. That there is a cost to freedom (some estimates over 300 Egyptians or more lost their lives and thousands of others have been injured).  Freedom is never free and those Egyptians who paid with their lives and limbs, have now ensured that future Egyptians will no longer live under fear and suppression. So let us be prepared to pay our dues when the calling comes!

3. That the will of the people if committed, disciplined and united is far stronger than any government or any power. So, lets not waste our time and energy over petty differences but stay committed, disciplined and UNITED in our goal for Rangzen! Rangzen:Yes we can!

4. That nonviolent, grassroots popular movements has prevailed once again! So,let us all (especially those of us in the fee world) re-dedicate ourselves to Rangzen,nonviolence and peace.

5. That social networks is a force to be reckoned with and can be a game changer! So instead of spending all that money on those expensive sneakers, it may be a better investment to buy a cell phone or a computer for your household!

The Egyptians are celebrating and dancing in the streets of Egypt.Though I can not be there physically with them in Tahrir Square at this moment, my spirit is and will always be with them!

These are my today's take-aways. What are yours?