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Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth

posted Sep 13, 2015, 6:22 PM by The Tibetan Political Review   [ updated Sep 13, 2015, 6:23 PM ]
By Chingkar Tsering Dhondup, Dharamshala

 Dear Lam U_May Supporters,

Of the five Sikyong candidates that we have as of now, four candidates regardless of their differences in work experience and native background seem to have the commitment and courage to walk on the path of the Middle Way Approach and not the other way round.

If that is the case then why choose four different Sikyong candidates supporting the same Middle Way Approach in the first place as this would only divide Lam U-May’s votes? If all the four candidates are hopeful of winning the election then they should all come together on one platform and give a talk on their respective election manifesto so that people can cast their votes to the best pro-U-May Lam candidate in the election. 

The so-called different pro-U_May Lam supporting organizations should stop endorsing candidate just on regional lines or having personal interests in the back of their mind. We could endorse multiple number of candidates provided if they are all deserving ones otherwise too many cooks might actually spoil the broth. 

If any pro-U_May participants don’t have the confidence of winning the Sikyong election then their participation has the potential of simply harming the Middle Way Approach by giving indirect benefit to the other opponent. Why not withdraw from the race then because the ultimate victor should not be any individual but the Middle Way Policy alone.

If you want to give this indirect benefit then you are free to give your vote to anyone you may like but speaking honestly, it is not about liking someone or not but about being true to your political belief and thus giving your vote to the most eligible candidate through which that political belief could achieve its victory in future.

I cannot speak for the Rangzenpas but as a supporter of the Middle Way policy, I can only request to the least hopeful pro-U_May Lam Sikyong candidates to withdraw their candidacies in order to give not just a mere victory but a landslide victory to the right Lam U_May’s candidate to send a very strong message to the Chinese government of our commitment to walk on the path of Middle Path Policy.

The reason why I am saying this is that we did not have any candidate from Rangzenpas during the last Katri or Sikyong’s election but this time the election scenario is quite different with the participation of one such candidate representing Rangzen advocates and as such with different associations supporting different pro-U_May Sikyong candidates is only harming the cause (U-May Lam) which they intend to protect, promote and strengthen.

Meanwhile, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama who has devoted his entire life for the betterment and welfare of our country and people has recently turned 80 and even at this ripe old age of his life we have this two unbelievable groups of Tibetans among us; one which in the name of rights to religious freedom questions his religious authority over his position on the controversial Dorje Shugden matter and other in the name of rights to democracy covertly denounce him for endorsing the Middle Way policy as his political approach to solve the Tibet issue. 

This democracy is a gift to us from His Holiness and some people use this as a tool against the one who actually is the source of this very democratic society. Now, this is really a very different kind of biscuit! This kind of ungrateful attitude towards him is no different than the story of Bhasmasur in Hindu mythology. 

Nevertheless, instead of confronting, we should strive hard to bring these two internal factions into our confidence in order to solidify our integrity and political approach. When there is no unity at home, your troublesome neighbor is obviously going to have the upper hand against us. Let’s not give them this opportunity.    

Now coming back to the Sikyong election, finally it is your vote and your choice but try to see at the larger picture which I am trying to show you and give your vote to someone who is most deserving and stands a true chance of winning in the upcoming Sikyong election and in my humble opinion the 2016 Sikyong competition should be between the two incumbent leaders.

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