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Time for Serious Thinking, Time to Change Policy

posted Oct 13, 2011, 8:10 PM by The Tibetan Political Review   [ updated Oct 14, 2011, 7:35 AM ]
By Tephun Tenzin Shastri (Tawang)

Going by Beijing leaders negative attitude and intention and worsening situation inside Tibet, other than international moral and vocal support to our cause, there is not a single positive result that can be attributed to ‘middle way' policy adopted by Tibetan government in exile in dealing with PRC that can be witnessed either in Beijing's Tibet policy, nor in terms of having brought any meaningful positive changes in the life of our people inside Tibet.   If no one has valid reason and justification to disprove this honest assessment and assumption, then, natural question arising in the mind of people like me, is, despite the fact that it has completely failed to influence and motivate Beijing leaders to make even a slight positive move or modification in its fundamentalist hard-line stand, attitude and policy on Tibet, why is our government not exploring the option of re-assessing and reviewing  the whole futile engagement with PRC under present self defeating and ineffective policy and come out with a clear perception about Beijing and chart out a new sense of direction and purpose fuelled by confidence in the effectiveness of the new strategy and policy that is to be put to-gather based on four decades of dealing and engagement with Beijing and lesson learnt thereby.

This is the time to reflect and reassess whole system of dealing with PRC by our exile government at the top level and review its policy in its all aspect and shades and arrive at a clear conclusion whether or not it has produced any concrete positive result and whether it would be wise and practical to continue with it, and also if it really holds any hope for resolution of the political differences with Chinese leadership in the near future, and come out with a new strategy to push it further in most effective way to achieve something concrete or else to make honest declaration of admittance on the latest status of the 'middle way' policy.


It must be taken into account that tens of thousands of ordinary and underprivileged Tibetans in the settlements who have steadfastly and under all circumstances remained completely loyal and supportive to exile Tibetan government and His Holiness's supreme leadership to this day. These farmers and middle class and sweater - seller Tibetans have held on fast to the hope of a free Tibet. Ever since coming to exile they have been waiting for that historic day of going back to a free Tibet. In living, cherishing and preserving that supreme hope and aspiration, they have made every kind of personal sacrifice and have chosen to lead a life of deprivation and humiliation struggling to make out a dignified life on foreign land constantly at the receiving end. They continue to voluntarily refuse to take up citizenship of the host country or any other country nor did they migrate to Western and European countries in search of greener pastures and life of wealth and comfort even though having silently watched their neighbours and hundreds of other fellow settlers left settlement for advanced countries at first available opportunity and now leading a life of reasonably happy, respectful, success and security while at the same time making tangible contribution in various ways for the cause of a Free Tibet.


If nothing comes out of current government policy, it is imperative that the exile government owe to these longest surviving settlement people a convincing answer and explanation on the failure of their diplomacy in dealing with China, for they are the real freedom fighters and foot soldiers who have spent their whole life keeping alive our freedom movement.  The government must adequately compensate for the unaccountable loss they have voluntarily endured in choosing to remain refugee in these settlements as the most loyal and trusted soldiers and who are the real engine of exile Tibetan freedom movement! 


No longer, exile leadership can take their sacrifice; loyalty and hardship for granted and do nothing to uplift their living conditions drastically.  If no positive shift taking place in Sino-Tibetan relationship and diplomacy that will produce a worthwhile and acceptable positive result beneficial to the Tibetans inside Tibet and also for restoration of freedom, exile government must take full responsibility for its failure to deliver and as such, it should adequately compensate Tibetans in the settlements by introducing and implementing substantial and comprehensive long- term economic packages, as the first step towards redefining overall policy and strategy to deal with current deadlock on all fronts.

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