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Tibetan Canadian Culture Centre (“TCCC”) – Thoughts

posted Sep 30, 2011, 8:54 PM by The Tibetan Political Review   [ updated Oct 3, 2011, 7:32 AM ]
By Tsewang Namgyal

There have been recently much rumors, constructive criticisms and innuendos related to TCCC. The intent of this piece is to exploit the crises to see how it can strengthen the overall Tibetan Community. In addition, with all sincerity my hope is that TCCC will achieve their objectives.

Based on my professional and volunteer experience (including two years for New York’s own Tibetan Community Center project), I witnessed the incredible desire and effort by many in our community to preserve our profound culture. However, I also saw the general lack of appreciation and knowledge for modern business planning, governance and control process.

If our community develops good practices, there is not much difference in us successfully executing a $5 million project versus a $500 million project. Such improvement is in particular important for us to take to a future free Tibet where the projects we will work on will be very large.

It is critical that the current criticisms of the past TCCC leaders that it does not discourage future leaders from taking calculated risks. Without risks, there will be no improvement. For all the miscalculation the past TCCC leaders are alleged to have made, one must appreciate that they were bold enough to take action.

Similarly, one must also appreciate the concerns raised by many of the Canadian Tibetan Community members. Worst than criticism, is indifference.

If the appropriate opportunity arises, I would humbly recommend the Central Tibetan Administration (“CTA”) and Offices of Tibet to highlight the importance of adopting good business practices besides focusing too much on good motivation and hard work.

Our community will be forced to act if our CTA related Offices makes it a condition to large community projects to provide a detailed business plan, governance structure and control process for any support. Easy bailouts could sow the seeds for a future fatal problem.

If we are able to utilize our exile experiences to improve this could in the future allow us to better strengthen our movement. More than buildings, it is the best practices that we take to Tibet that could better allow us to build a future modern Tibet. If not, there is a danger that our worst threat could be the lack of our own ability more than the Chinese government’s willingness to negotiate a just agreement.

It is this concern that I humbly shared my earlier piece titled Financial Viability of the Central Tibetan Administration that CTA considers engaging an independent consultant to develop a business plan itself. If CTA has a TCCC related crises this could be potentially fatal for our movement. Rahm Emanuel made the famous comment that "No crisis should go to waste.” I believe there is some wisdom to the comment that we can adopt. 

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