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The Responsibility for the Ngapo Jigme Incident Lies with RFA and not with Tibetan Exile Society - By Woeser

posted Nov 27, 2012, 6:38 PM by The Tibetan Political Review
The Responsibility for the Ngapo Jigme Incident Lies with Radio Free Asia
and not with Tibetan Exile Society
—Thoughts on US Congressman Rohrabacher’s letter to
the Central Tibetan Administration Sikyong Lobsang Sangay

By Woeser

After seeing US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s letter to the Central Tibetan Administration Sikyong Lobsang Sangay, I was shocked in the same way as I first heard the news that Mr. Nagpo Jigme was dismissed by RFA. Since at present the information I have obtained so far is incomplete and there is also the language barrier, it might be possible for me to misunderstand the situation. However, based on what I have seen, I feel the need to express my views:

1. Mr. Ngapo Jigme was dismissed by USA’s Radio Free Asia and not by the Central Tibetan Administration, therefore, in my opinion, in relation to this incident, Rep. Rohrabacher has to direct the responsibility of investigation towards Radio Free Asia’s management, not towards exile Tibetan society.

2. I think that individuals as well as organisations have the right to like or dislike a media, this opinion can be expressed; if this is merely an opinion, this is not overstepping any boundaries.

3. What is important is media independence, external matters or attitudes should not have any bearing on personnel matters or moreover the content of the news, this would be stifling the freedom of the press. Even if Radio Free Asia is motivated by its sympathy to the Tibetan cause, it cannot violate the basic principles of the democratic freedom of the press. That kind of activity would actually be harmful to the Tibetan cause.

4. For more than half a century, the Tibetan exile government has made tremendous contributions that is clear for all to see, Rep. Rohrabacher’s criticism of Radio Free Asia’s dismissal of Mr. Ngapo Jigme should not turn into sweeping generalisations.

5. I believe that Tibetan exile society needs to raise the level of its own political modernisation. This kind of modernisation is not just the appearance of democracy only on the surface but a real understanding of and compliance with the ideas and principles of democracy, especially to accommodate a variety of views, receive criticism, as well as to monitor those who are in control, these things are the true essence of democracy.

6. I am grateful to Rep. Rohrabacher for his attention to the Tibet issue, at the same time I hope that Rep. Rohrabacher will withdraw criticism directed toward Tibetan exile leaders, and instead direct it towards Radio Free Asia.

Tsering Woeser
November 21, 2012

Originally posted at High Peaks Pure Earth and re-posted in TPR with permission.

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