TANC President's Farewell Note

July 4, 2011
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TANC President's Farewell Note

Dear TANC Members:

I had all intentions of completing my one-year of service as a TANC Board member and President, but I regret to say that I'll be leaving a couple of months shy of my committment. A new service opportunity beckons with our new government in Dharamsala and I will be relocating to India at the end of this month. I ask for your understanding and support.

It gives me great delight to let you know that the Board has requested Tenzin Tsedup la to serve as the interim TANC President from August 1 till the next slate of TANC officers are elected and appointed in early September. Tsedup la has kindly accepted to take on this enhanced leadership role and I hope you all will join me in congratulating and supporting him. Thank you Tsedup la for your dedication and hard work!

I'm deeply grateful and honored at the opportunity to work with TANC.  I moved to the Bay Area in fall of 2000, but it wasn't until 2005 that I was finally able to upgrade myself from a passive member to one more willing to make the time and give back to the community. These last six years with TANC has been highly educational and the community development and organizing work has been an intense experience - one that I will forever cherish. 

We've accomplished several things together both big and small: The successful purchase of the community center; annual scholarship program; emergence of strong programs like the TANC Tibetan School; receipt of more funding particulary from individuals and private foundations; and the formation of various committees which have not only lessened the burden on the Board, but more importantly provided critical entry points for more members to serve the community in various capacties and roles. We were able to achieve these goals collaboratively and I hope TANC continues to work in this spirit so that the community can accomplish ever bigger things and be a model for others.

One of the great things about the Northern California Tibetan community in my view is that we have stayed united and accepted TANC as our mother organization that represents all Tibetans residing in the region. In order to keep TANC strong and vibrant, we all need to do a couple of things: serve on the board and various committees, and appreciate and acknowledge those that have contributed their time and effort. I worry that there is not enough happening on both the fronts. We need more people to run and serve in leadership positions. To those who haven't served on the TANC Board, I urge you to do so. I guarantee it will prove a transformative experience.  With regards to appreciating those that have served, I feel we need to be more respectful, mindful and generous.

Finally, a word on the service opportunity that awaits in Dharamsala. I will be working in the Kashag as a special coordinator on development (both human and financial resources) and special projects. One of the projects that I'm working on is called Tibet Corps, an initiative that seeks to link professionals in the Tibetan diaspora with volunteering and pro-bono service opportunities in the Central Tibetan Administration, Tibetan NGOs, and Tibetan Associations in the West. His Holiness' decision to devolve his administrative and political powers can be viewed as a call to all Tibetans to step up and assume more responsibilities. I make my two-year service committment in that spirit and hope to make a small contribution in making our government more accessible, sustainable and creating more pathways for others to participate and contribute. I urge others to join me as well. Our government and community needs you. If not us then who? If not now then when?

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you and TANC. I plan to stay in touch and will continue to assist with the community center project in whatever way appropriate and helpful albeit mostly remotely. I, also, plan to keep making short trips to San Francisco as my son is here and I still consider the Bay Area as home. Lastly, I'm hopeful that Tibet Corps will be another point of connection with TANC and you all.

In gratitude,

Kelsang 'Kaydor' Aukatsang
TANC President