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Statement of Tibetan Youth Congress, 44th Anniversary Founding Day

posted Oct 10, 2013, 5:39 PM by The Tibetan Political Review   [ updated Oct 10, 2013, 5:40 PM ]
Tibetan Youth Congress
7 October 2013

On this auspicious occasion of the 44th founding day anniversary of Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC), we the Central Executive Committee members of the 15th administrative body of TYC, in lieu of our 35000 active members worldwide, wholeheartedly express our deeply felt homage and gratitude to our beloved leader – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. We also extend unwavering respect and support to the indomitable courage and dedication of our martyrs and express sincere greetings to all our brothers and sisters inside Tibet and in exile.
In 1959, subsequent to the invasion of Tibet by the red Chinese; thousands of Tibetans were persecuted, brutally oppressed and endured insurmountable suffering resulting in our beloved leader and government to seek asylum in exile. This resulted in the advent of the Tibetan Diaspora. The trauma of death, repression, exile and separation between families produced an indefinite number of courageous, dedicated Tibetans infused with a pure and passionate sense of restoring our nation. They gathered to discuss strategies and initiatives in order to garner momentum and support and bring about a resolution to the Tibet’s issue and congregated to combine the strength, enthusiasm and resources of Tibetans spread all over, in particular, the youth. This prompted the inception of a movement and the formation of Tibetan Youth Congress on this very auspicious day 44 years ago thus inscribing a crucial chapter in the history of our struggle.
In this prolonged 44-year history of Tibetan Youth Congress, during the first general convention, in the presence of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Kalons of Central Tibetan Administration, it delivered genuine discourses and gradually formulated the objectives, structural form and aims of this organization where resolutions where passed unanimously and accordingly. Since its inception, TYC convenes Working Committee Meetings annually and General Body Meetings persistently every three years. Deliberating on numerous issues such as politics, democracy, religion, preservation of Tibetan culture and literature, and social services, TYC formulates pragmatic action plans and resolutions. In accordance with the primary objective of Tibetan Youth Congress and the fundamental principles of resolutions passed in consecutive conventions, it is a fact that our organization has strived consistently to amass the strength of Tibetans in general and particularly the youth. As for the spiritual and political aspect of Tibet, our organization has performed numerous activities and services benefitting our community and our struggle. Also scores of pragmatic capable leaders have cultivated and evolved through this organization serving our community today in various capacities and have dedicated and brought immense benefit towards sustaining our culture and contributing to the democratization of our society.
With the blessings and kindness of our leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the unwavering support of Tibetans in exile, coupled with the trust and unfaltering conviction of those Tibetans inside Tibet, and sacrifices made by former members of TYC, today it is an organization which is heavily relied upon by both Tibetans inside and in exile and one which the government of China fears and worries. However, in the last decade, due to lack of coordination and unity among its members, the organization has suffered a setback in its smooth functioning. Additionally, we have experienced immense regret and remorse that some these incidents and activities have disappointed our supreme and beloved leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The occurrence of these isolated incidents has caused loss not only for our organization but also for Tibetans and the greater cause in general. It is a matter of intense despair and inconceivable disappointment experienced by all members of TYC. Thus from this 15th Executive Committee members of Tibetan Youth Congress, we sincerely and wholeheartedly express heartfelt repentance regarding incidents or actions conducted out of ignorance or obscuration which has caused disappointment to His Holiness and earnestly wish for his forgiveness. We sincerely pledge that this will not happen in the future and have subsequently submitted an apology letter to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
In relation to this important issue, TYC adopted certain resolutions during the 15th general body meeting this year some of which we would like to reiterate today:
1) TYC withdraws the resolution passed during the 43rd Working Committee Meeting which states: TYC will work to persuade or appeal the central Tibetan administration to initiate change in their official policy from Middle Way to Independence struggle. We also refrain to behave as a political party/opponent of the CTA in future.
2) Since we were unable to dispense required time during recently convened general body meeting, but in concordance to the fundamental principles of our code of conduct, we have adopted a resolution considering the re-amendment of article four of TYC aims and objectives at the next General Body Meeting. The resolution states: Tibetan Youth Congress will continue to strive or struggle for the attainment of unified independence of all three provinces of Tibet; however in future, under the direction of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, we will respect and support, the ultimate majority decision of Tibetans in Tibet and in exile, when Tibet’s issue reaches the juncture of contended settlement.
3) We have withdrawn the statement, concerning the issue of alteration or change in the title of Tibetan Government in Exile to Central Tibetan Administration, released during a press conference convened by executive committee members of TYC on 7th June 2011.
4) In this year’s 10th March TYC Statement, the assertion made that, the present Kashag is open-minded in terms of policy and attitude and we hope this will continue, was not made to offend previous Kashag or His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Therefore, we adopt a resolution to withdraw this statement.
5) Tibetan Youth Congress pledged and passed a crucial resolution not to support or provide platform to those individuals who disparage and dishonor His Holiness the Dalai Lama.   Moreover, due to some misunderstandings, there has been a variety of opinions and discussions going on in our community, with the notion that striving for Independence for Tibet has been the cause of His Holiness’s disappointments. At the 15th General Body Meeting of TYC, representative of HH the Dalai Lama’s office, former Kalon Tripa Samdong Rinpoche, specifically clarified this misunderstanding and said, “to have diversity in political views is both a right and a duty in a genuine democatic society and His Holiness has never said that Tibetan Youth Congress should not puruse its independence stand and will not ask them to change their policy now or in the future”.
On September 5th 2013, in a speech to the working committee meeting of Middle Way Approach association, Prof. Samdong Rinpoche reiterated “it is not true if we say those who either don’t agree or don’t support the policy of Middle Way Approach are not following his Holiness’s guidance and acting against His Holiness’s wishes. The common purpose of both sides is set on the same goal which is to call for changes in those brutal policies advocated by People’s Republic of China on Tibetans residing in Tibet. Therefore, both sides wish the same result that is to save all the Tibetans in three provinces from oppressions and sufferings and to restore the necessary freedom of Tibet. Thus, these two different approaches are aimed at the same objective; the well being of all Tibetans”. Rinpoche added that when India was struggling for its independence, two different political views had obviously existed amongst Indian leaders as well. He said, “Mahatma Gandhi was always speaking for autonomy and not independence but on the other hand leaders such as Nehru were struggling for independence rather than mere autonomy”.
So it has been made very clear that His Holiness’s disappointment is not caused by Tibetan Youth Congress pursuing complete independence. Hence, there is no reason that we should be creating more controversies causing a division in our community because of difference in political beliefs. It is very important that we, both members of Tibetan Youth Congress and all other patriotic Tibetans, should try our best to understand and avoid any possibility of misinterpretating the true content of the guidance felicitated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Communist China has been struggling hard to demolish our identity, religion and culture. They have also managed to infiltrate our community and create troubles and disputes among us to weaken our strength and power of the struggle. We request everyone to be vigilant and to continue our fight for justice with firm determination.
Inside Tibet, under China’s invasion and occupation for about 54 years now, Tibetans have been suffering beyond measure, but the sense of courage and solidarity of our brothers and sisters is stronger than ever and protesting activities have reached the highest level now. As we all know, the Communist Party of China has been implementing different policies with an ultimate objective to eradicate the unique Tibetan language and culture. Innocent Tibetans inside Tibet are unconditionally subjected to suffer under those polices with brutal laws and regulations mended specifically for them. Moreover, continuous exploitation of natural resources of the Tibetan plateau is another simultaneous act of the Communist government. Tibetans, therefore, have been standing up and speaking out against the unjust treatment and exploitation of our natural resources. However, Tibetans have never been satisfied with the responses received from the Communist government resulting in hundreds being imprisoned, beaten up or killed. Tibetans have finally decided to step onto the ultimate stage to appeal for their rights and speak out against the victimization under Communist reign to the world by self-immolating themselves. Since 2009, over 121 Tibetans have self-immolated in Tibet to reveal the real plight of Tibetans inside Tibet. The Communist government has responded by forcefully confiscating the corpse of self-immolators, arresting relatives and family members of those martyrs, beaten or threatened. Instead of giving the basic fundamental rights to Tibetans as they have been appealing, the Communist government has sent spies in different Tibetan localities like, villages, monasteries and most small towns. Simultaneously they have intensified the “patriotic re-education” campaign by sending reinforcements of military personnel into the more restive towns. Such reactions by the CCP has undoubtedly seized breathing space and shattered peace for every Tibetan. Beside these visible cruel acts of the Communist government, they have also invested thousands of US dollars towards making propaganda films and TV shows distorting and misrepresenting the facts of Tibetan history and culture.
We, the members of TYC, hereby like to demand the Communist Party of China to STOP these inhuman acts and policies against Tibetans. We also demand the quick release of all innocent imprisoned Tibetans, especially, Mr. Dolma Kyab, husband of Martyr, Mrs. Kunchok Wangmo, who self-immolated on 13th March 2013. We strongly assert that the death sentence handed to him by the Communist government is completely unacceptable and we demand justice on the basis of International Human Rights Laws. We hereby also like to humbly request all world-wide Organizations and Nations for your support towards the Tibetan crisis. The Chinese Communist government will have to take complete responsibility of future Self-Immolations and resistance as Tibetans will not hold themselves back until there will be fair amendment in the Laws of Communist government for Tibetans based on the principles of basic human rights.
During the 15th TYC General Body Meeting this year, members of our organization elected new executive board members. We hereby, take this opportunity and wish to inform all TYC members and Tibetans in general that; we will work to do our best with a true spirit keeping within TYC’s aims and objectives and try to fulfill every single expectation that has been bestowed upon us by all Tibetans both in exile and inside Tibet. We would also like to extend our deep-felt respect and appreciation to Central Tibetan Administration in Exile for its tireless efforts and indomitable determination working for Tibet’s freedom and happiness especially in preserving our unique culture and language. We extend our heartfelt respect to the courage and spirit of all martyrs who have sacrificed their valuable human lives for the cause of our nation’s freedom. Despite difference in idealogies, we would like to request every Tibetan inside and outside Tibet to be united and struggle to achieve the wills of the dead and hopes of the living which is, return of His holiness Dalai Lama back to Tibet and to realize the day for Tibetans in exile and inside Tibet to unite.
Finally, we wish for a long life of our spiritual leader His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, pray for his immediate return to Tibet and may the Tibetan issue be resolved as soon as possible.
* In case of any discrepancy in meaning, the original Tibetan text should be considered as the authoritative one. 


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