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Speaker Penpa Tsering Gave a Filthy Speech

posted Aug 31, 2015, 6:44 PM by The Tibetan Political Review
By Songtsen

Translated by Tashi Norbu Tsewang

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A few days back, Penpa Tsering gave a speech at Sera Monastery. There weren't many new faces in the audience. He said something that would frighten you even just to hear it. While the monks were staring at his face with doubts and were not sure whether they should trust their ears or not, he stressed again that "I will never sit and debate with the Sikyong candidate who is critical of His Holiness. It is very upstanding that Gyuto monastery prohibited any Sikyong candidates who criticize His Holiness. Recently, a Tibetan media invited me to debate with someone that I mentioned above, but I refused because I will never sit and debate with those people."

In general, Tibetans consider Speaker Penpa Tsering as someone who is an experienced and eloquent speaker. Plus, he is someone who holds a high position in the Tibetan government to serve Tibetan people. He is also someone who would beg Red China to resume the Sino-Tibet relations, but I could barely eat and sleep when I saw that Speaker Penpa Tsering is someone who doesn't has the courage and willingness to debate other Sikyong candidates with different perspectives about the Tibetan issue in our community.

Speaker Penpa Tsering was talking indirectly about Sikyong candidate Lukar Jam. Why is it that he can dialogue and debate with our enemy China but not Lukar Jam? Is Lukar Jam worse than Red China? Is Lukar Jam more substandard than Red China? When I saw that Speaker Penpa Tsering is lacking sincerity and the open heart to debate Tibetan issue with Sikyong candidate Lukar Jam, who has endured years of suffering and torture under Red China, I couldn't keep silence. I knew that Speaker Penpa Tsering pledged that he wouldn't give a hand to those Dorjee Shugden followers. Are all Tibetan Rangzen activists also included in his pledge? Or just Lukar Jam alone? It seems that Speaker Penpa Tsering won't be satisfied even if he kills Lukar Jam. Where did he get all this hatred and anger? If what Speaker Penpa Tsering thinks about Lukar Jam is what he said, then this is really scary.

We can have different perspectives on Tibetan issue. You can say you don't seek Rangzen. You can support Middle Way Approach and follow His Holiness, but you should also have an open mind where you have a little space for Rangzen activists rather than trying to expel them from your community. How could it possible that you are willing to stay with Red China, but not engage with Sikyong candidate Lukar Jam? For me, this is quite odd that Speaker Penpa Tsering is open minded towards Red China, but not with Sikyong candidate Lukar Jam.

These days, many Tibetans are spreading words that Speaker Penpa Tsering destroyed the unity of Tibetan Youth Congress, but I personally considered these as rumors. However, this time when I heard Speaker Penpa Tsering's speech and saw his narrow mind, I understood that Tibetan Rangzen activists are just like a thorn in his eyes. I also think that those rumors might be true as well.

Maybe he was trying to show that he is a sincere and true follower of His Holiness. He also thought that he might get more support from Sera monks, but in reality, monks at Sera are not narrow-minded people who don't have any space in their hearts for Lukar Jam when it comes to Tibetan issue. We don't consider Rangzen activists to be our enemy like Red China. I think Speaker Penpa Tsering didn't understand our mind and the open hearts that we have. I think that this time Speaker Penpa Tsering did the wrong maths, the wrong divination. What a mistake.

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