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Setting the Record Straight

posted Feb 4, 2016, 1:01 PM by The Tibetan Political Review   [ updated Feb 4, 2016, 1:03 PM ]

By North America Chithue Candidate Tashi Namgyal 

I am glad that Tibetan Political Review has come out with an editorial on the North American Chithue race and in particular focused on the individual Chithue Candidates. I have had a respect for your attempt to draw attention to Tibetan democracy, whether or not I agree with some of your assertions. Therefore, I welcome this latest editorial even though it would have added to the value had you been more thorough in your research. 

I appreciate the fact that you have tried to analyze my performance during my current term of Chithue. However, your not contacting me beforehand for information about what I had really been doing in connection with the organization of the North American Tibetan Tenshug or the background to my raising the issue of the portrait in the Office of Tibet in Washington, D.C. has led to a superficial study rather than a considered one.

I do not want to go into detailed clarification, but suffice it to say that had you spoken to any member of the organizing committee, of which I was one of the co-chairs, they would have told you what each of us did in the successful hosting of the events. For that matter more than two years back the two chithues also co-chaired the organizing of the “Flame of Truth” rally in North America.

In terms of the Office of Tibet portrait issue, had you read or watched the proceedings of the Tibetan Parliament session where I raised this issue, and had you spoken with me (or for that matter, the Representative at the Office of Tibet) before passing judgement, you would have known the facts better. I would also add that what you seem to project as “trivial” is from the Tibetan society’s perspective quite significant.

In general, I am proud to say that I have been able to make some contribution during my term.

I worked hard within the parliament and outside of it to address various issues and concerns that the North American Tibetan community had with the green book. Subsequently, if you had noticed, last year the Paljor Kalon visited North America and provided relief to quite many people who were able to acquire the green books.

I have strongly advocated for strengthening and cementing the relationship between Central Tibetan Administration and Tibetan diaspora around the world. This resulted in setting up a Chithue Committee to study the situation and a resolution in the parliament advising the Administration to look into the issue. This will have a far reaching implication for the community at large. I plan to continue this task if I am re-elected.

I have not hesitated to raise issues that concerns the security for the person of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in parliament and outside from the Dolgyal group. If you understand Tibetan society, this is very important to all of us.

I also played active role in formalizing the standardization of teaching of Tibetan language in our Weekend Tibetan Language and Cultural classes and actively involved Department of Tibetan education in the making of teaching curriculums.

In terms of man-hour, I spent over 250 days in the last four and half years for community-related activities, including attending the Parliament Session in Dharamsala. As for the development in New York on March 10 last year and your charge that I did nothing, had you contacted me about what I did or had you done some research you would have a better picture.

On the actual day, both the Sherik Kalon and I were there and the emotions were charged. Soon thereafter, various folks were taking to social media to discredit each other, I made a statement to express my dismay and sadness at the happening and asked all concerned for restraint.

Simultaneously, I contacted the Representative at the Office of Tibet and my Chithue colleague suggesting that a meeting be convened for all concerned to discuss issues. When such a meeting was fixed on April 2, 2015, I traveled to New York despite my health issues then and we (the Representative and two Chithues) met with representative of six groups along with. Thus, those concerned would have known that I have contributed very positively to bring about a rapprochement.

Overall, the two Chithues work as a team on number of issues and in particular to carry out tasks in North America. We have visited all the Tibetan cluster sites and had meaningful interaction with the community including SFT, TYC and other Tibetan groups. So irrespective of my own personal position on the future of Tibet, I have and will continue to reach out and interact with all sections of the community, whether in terms of generational or ideological differences; inclusive of all concerned.

In passing I would like to mention here that I have met with the senior advisors of the Special Tibetan Coordinator at the US Statement department, Indian Ambassador in Washington DC and the US Ambassador in New Delhi, Members of Canadian Tibetan Parliament group, Governor of Washington State and other members of the Congress.

In our democracy, the media should certainly be the watchdog so that the politicians do not violate rules or fulfil their promises. At the same time, it is essential that whatever is written in Tibetan Political Review should be done with consideration, responsibility and with efforts to get the whole picture. Otherwise, it will only result in confusing the community while affecting the credibility of your website.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my view points.

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