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No Mark Zuckerberg, you are NOT Charlie, argues Tibetan writer

posted Jan 17, 2015, 7:16 AM by The Tibetan Political Review
By Simon Denyer (Washington Post, January 15, 2015)

 BEIJING — "Je suis Charlie," Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg wrote as he made a passionate defense of free speech this month, arguing that extremists would never be able to silence other voices and opinions on his social media platform.

But Tibetan writer and dissident Tsering Woeser says her experience with Facebook tells a different story, after the video of a Tibetan self-immolation was deleted and a fellow dissident’s account temporarily suspended last month. Zuckerberg, Woeser wrote, is “not exactly being honest about defending freedom of expression,” as he tries to make more money by getting a block on his service lifted in China.

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