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Exclusive Interview: A Journalist Perspective on Tibetan Struggle for Freedom

posted Mar 14, 2014, 10:10 PM by The Tibetan Political Review
Tibet Telegraph (Jan. 6, 2014)

 Tibet Telegraph caught up with Vijay Kranti, a long time supporter of Tibet and a senior Indian journalist who has extensively written about Tibet and Tibetan life. In an exclusive question answer session, the interview touches a variety of issues but the focus is given to highlight how he sees the Tibetan issue through the lenses of his political eyes and his camera.

1) Are you more of Indian or Tibetan or just a journalist or maybe an activist?

I must underline that Tibet is one of many subjects on which I've focused and written in my over four decade long professional life as a journalist and photographer. But Tibet has occupied over 80 percent of my mindscape during this period. Now to answer your question, I would say that I am an Indian who is a professional journalist with deep interest in Tibet. My interest in Tibet has encouraged me strongly to know more and more about the Tibetan issue and try to understand the Tibetan people and their thinking process. I may sometimes sound like a Tibet 'activist' because I strongly support the Tibetan national cause. But this 'support' comes more from my realization of the truth about the Tibetan people's case as an inquisitive researcher and journalist than any 'activism'. But despite this 'support' there is also a strong element of detachment which I must practice as a journalist to write independently and frankly on Tibet.

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